"Thirty Eight Years Ago"...it certainly seems a lifetime since EAM Maliban Textiles was first woven in to Sri Lanka's garment fraternity, by a bold, inspired individual. This was an era when the country was not entirely in a premier technological and high-end manufacturing zone, so operations in a company of this stature was certainly a challenge.

Of Course the challenge was readily taken up by this visionary without any hesitation, and today the company is considered one of the largest in apparel manufacture and wet processing in Sri Lanka and proudly is ranked as among 'the most advanced in South Asia'!

EAM Maliban and Melbourne, icons in this area specialize in manufacturing and wet processing respectively and it is with the harnessing and harmonizing of our expertise that we can promise our woven garments.

Naturally, by our error free track record we have gained a premium reputation in the business and our global customer is always assured of the very best, Consistent Quality, Reliable & On time Delivery and comprehensive capability in all related areas.

The Golden Rule of VALUE ADDITION is a key factor with our operation and we strongly believe that'goingthe extra mile'for our customer is just but the beginning of a long and successful journey.